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Context Sensitive Adverts
   - Add content, make money

An easy way to display relevant adverts of all sizes on your website and generate income. Splut does all the hard work by examining the content your web pages and showing ads most relevant and most likely to maximise your earnings. More info.

Keyword Adverts
    - Targeted content, revenue generating

Integrate keyword targeted listings in your website based on keywords of your choice and generate income from clicks. Very simple to integrate in your site, with just one line of HTML.  More info.

Splut Search Box
    - Add a feature, make money

Add a web search function to your site, and earn from every clickthru. It's as simple as that. More info.

Refer Advertisers
    - Revenue Stream

Earn commission on every advertiser you refer to Splut. Generate a constant stream of income.

Web Links
    - Increase your traffic

For each visitor you send to Splut, either by direct link or clickthru from a Splut Search Box, you earn a referral credit, which increases your ranking in our Top Referrers Page.  More info.

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